Urban Aesthetics Meet Environmental Stewardship

Fueled by the desire to create aesthetically pleasing environments while promoting environmentalism, cities, businesses, and homeowners are beginning to take advantage of this growing trend. 

About green roofing

Green rooftops offer multifunctional uses such as collecting rainwater, reducing energy consumption, and creating habitats for local wildlife, without disrupting urban infrastructure. In many ways, they bridge the gap between traditional vegetation and modern urban settings and offer a creative way to add tangible value to city centers.

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Why choose us for green roofing?

Our company offers a great service, especially for those looking to upgrade their roofing systems. We can massively upgrade these systems, thus building equity in the home and providing peace of mind for many years to come. In addition, upgrading them at least three or four tiers from their existing condition provides added resale value to the home. As part of our service offering, we help protect homeowners from inferior work by other vendors. We go further than simply restoring - we strive to simply improve any roof we touch significantly more than before. Our founder is a general contractor specializing in restoration work after natural disasters. What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and superior craftsmanship in all roofs we restore.

What are the benefits of green roofing?

Green roofing has many benefits, beyond just its aesthetic. Its principal advantage lies in the fact that it helps to conserve energy, helps offset stormwater runoff, and acts as a buffer against extreme temperatures.

  • Green roofing has many ecological benefits; green roofs provide “green spaces” which support local wildlife and increase biodiversity in an urban environment, often making green roofs ideal wildlife corridors. 
  • Moreover, by reducing the strain on a structure’s usual drainage system and reducing overall rain retention on the surface of a building, green roofs can help to extend their lifespan. 
  • Green roofs are also great for helping to reduce noise pollution within nearby neighborhoods or urban centers.
  • By using technology such as containers, tree blocks, or integrated systems that all use vegetation to break up and absorb water runoff, damage caused to waterproofing membranes can be eliminated. 
  • Furthermore, they have been known to have psychological benefits due to offering areas of nature within cities - giving people places to take time out from stress.
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Impact of green roofing on the environment

  • With the implementation of a green roof comes the opportunity to reduce pollution by bringing nature back into our built-up environments. 
  • By encouraging local plants and wildlife, we can help to boost local biodiversity and help Mother Nature at the same time. 
  • Furthermore, green roofs block out ultraviolet light emissions from passing vehicles and in turn, reduce air pollution in surrounding areas - something that is an important factor for those living within built-up districts.
  • Additional benefits of green roofing include aiding air quality and supporting wildlife habitats. By cleaning the air of harmful air particulates, green roofs can provide a clean respite from polluted cities for both people and animals to enjoy.  
  • Green roofs help to cool urban hotspots and reduce global warming by providing shade and insulating properties. 

In short, green roofs make a significant contribution to improving air quality in cities across the world.

What is the cost of green roofing?

The main drawback to having a green roof is the installation cost; since green roofs require extra structural reinforcement to deal with the additional weight, they can cost much more than traditional flat roofs. What many don't realize, however, is that the cost associated with installing them can be relatively easy on your pocket. According to the EPA, estimated costs for green roofs start at $10 per square foot for simpler roofing and $25 per square foot for intensive roofs. This means that home or business owners can receive all the advantages of green roofs and reduce their overall carbon footprint easily and conveniently.

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Will my green roofing need to be repaired frequently?

Many clients have questions about how green roofing will hold up over time and whether they'll require frequent repairs. Green roofs have been shown to be more resilient than conventional roofs and require fewer repairs. This is because the components of the roof are protected by layers of soil and plants which act as insulation, protecting against extreme temperatures and high winds. As such, maintenance of the green roof may only be an occasional trimming of plants and removal of any debris that has been collected in order to keep irritants away from the underlying materials. 

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