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Commercial properties come in all shapes and sizes, from industrial to office, mixed-use, multi-family, retail, hotels, office, strip malls, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and the list goes on. All types of commercial properties, with time, will require construction upgrades. At Ruca Consulting & Construction, we deliver a wide range of construction services for commercial buildings of all types.

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What we do: Quality commercial construction services

Our firm is a “one-stop shop” for commercial property owners and managers. Our ability to address and resolve any construction need, whether large or small, simplifies and streamlines the process of upgrading, repairing, or replacing building features with quality work that meets the local building codes, with no shortcuts or sub-par processes – good work, performed correctly, at fair prices. Upgrade your commercial property with the help of the team at Ruca Consulting & Construction. 


A commercial property, as the years pass, will eventually require new siding. The choice of material, color, and texture, and lifespan of the siding are all factors that must be fully evaluated when choosing a new siding system for your property. We install all types of commercial building siding systems, built to last, bringing a fresh look, beauty and building equity to the property. 


Commercial gutter systems on properties in the Lakewood, Aurora, and Littleton areas need to successfully handle a large volume of runoff. Commercial gutters are much larger than those installed on residential buildings and must adhere to a different set of building codes. The gutter system protects the property from damage to the siding, foundation, and other building elements.


Replacing windows on commercial properties is a major upgrade that will both enhance the property value, and in many cases, reduce energy costs. At Ruca Consulting & Construction, we install both standard and custom windows that meet all building codes and are known for the exceptional quality of our work, and honest estimates.


Commercial building door installations and replacements require skills that not all construction companies can deliver. Our door installation experts can replace exterior or interior doors in all types of commercial properties, with door systems that enhance property value, appearance, and the security of the property.

Interior painting

The interior of a commercial building can begin to look less bright, clean, and fresh due to aging paint, with stains, marks, and wear making the property look dull, dingy, and less professional. For a fresh, new look to any property, our painting experts can repaint all interior walls, doors, window frames and other elements to give your property a fresh new look, with all painting performed carefully, correctly, and leaving the property looking its best.

Exterior painting

New paint on the exterior of a commercial building is among the fastest, most effective ways to improve the appearance of any property. At Ruca Consulting & Construction, our team performs the highest quality work, with new paint that enhances both the look and value of a property.

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Why choose us?

Commercial property owners and managers rely on the team at Ruca Consulting & Construction for all commercial property upgrades, performed to meet all building codes, and with high quality work, above and beyond what most companies offer. What sets us apart? Our quality of work is above and beyond what most contractors offer, and we are committed to delivering superior quality work. We never cut corners but do the job right, the first time.

While all contractors are required to follow code, 99% of them reuse materials or fail to follow the basic minimum code. We know; we have had to correct commercial construction that was low quality and was not built to code. We live and die by the local building codes, with superior work, a fast response, and work that is priced to match your budget. We properly estimate all jobs, without surprising a commercial customer with additional costs, or delivering quality work in an attempt to make a profit. 

We are a trusted resource for commercial property owners and managers.

When you need a commercial construction company you can rely on for all your property upgrades, connect with Ruca Consulting & Construction. We are proud to be known for our honesty, integrity, and consistently superior work for upgrades, replacements, and new builds.

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